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JPEG-LS Encoder IP


The Lancero JPEG-LS Lossless Image Encoder for FPGAs is an efficient implementation

of the best-in-class lossless image compression standard JPEG-LS

(ISO/IEC 14495-1 and ITU-T Rec. T.87).

JPEG-LS performs better than JPEG-2000 in most lossless use cases but with a much lower resource count, no need for external memory. And less than one line of latency.

The IP-core includes the following features;

  • Leading lossless image compression results for 8 to 16 bits image sample depths.

  • Less than one line of encoding latency.

  • Low resource count, no external memory needed.

  • Pixel and data FIFO input/output or Avalon Streaming interface with back-pressure.

  • Accepts and encodes one pixel per clock cycle.

  • Configurable output data word width.

  • Configurable image sizes up to ultra high definition and beyond.

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